Jewel: Tourmaline
Species: American Shorthair
Gender: Male
Jewel Power: Adventure
Attribute: Magical Green
Voiced Actor: Junko Takeuchi

Tour, also named Tooru, is Ruby's boyfriend in Season 1 and Sulfur's Jewelpet partner in Season 2. He's a gray American Shorthair cat who symbolizes adventure and wears a necklace shaped like a green star. Debuting in Episode 10, He's aristocratic and charismatic as well as kind to everyone, especially to Ruby. He is also a good adventurer and has good somersault and reflex skills. He sometimes called "Tour-sama" by Ruby when he first met her and sometimes makes Ruby go nuts for him when he's around. He appears again in Jewelpet Twinkle as Sulfur's Jewelpet partner, also saving Ruby from drowning in one episode. In Jewelpet Sunshine, he is the 3rd Grade Rose Section and Ruby's childhood friend and ex-boyfriend, he was study on Spania and he plays the guitar and he has a still crush on Ruby and he might a rival with Mikage for Ruby's heart. His birthday is on October 13 and his name is based on the jewel Tourmaline.