Jewel: Labradorite
Species: Polar Bear
Gender: Female
Jewel Power: Mischief
Attribute: Magical Black
Voiced by: Miyuki Sawashiro

Labra ,also named Rabura, is Akari's secondary Jewelpet partner. She's a (super cute) pink and white Polar Bear cub with blue heart-shaped paws and heart-shaped ears who symbolizes mischief. She wears a necklace shaped like a multi-colored ringed planet resembling Saturn. Originally debuting in the first season as a baby Jewelpet born by using Rakumajo's magic, she's a genius child who has the Super Crystal Class ranking, which means that all of her magic is very successful. All of her speeches end in "Rabu". In Jewelpet Twinkle, Labra is a young prankster and loves making jokes in Jewel Land, especially to Ruby, but sometimes gets scared and cries a lot, which can cause powerful magical shock-waves that can destroy anything nearby, even statues. Also, her cries can materialize giant stone projectiles that can damage anything, as shown in Episode 32. She became Akari's second Jewelpet partner after she, Akari and Ruby helped to fix Moldavite's statue. During the events of Episode 12, she is now seen living in Akari's house in the human world along with Ruby and sometimes doesn't want to called a dog due to her species. She is also a bit childish and sometimes acts as Ruby's younger sister. In Jewelpet Sunshine, she is one of the students at Jewel Land's Sunshine Academy and also the youngest of the group. Her birthday is on December 27 and her name is based on the mineral Labradorite.

Labra and Ruby can cast magic together with Akari during some situations in Jewel Land. In this way, she can amplify more of both Ruby and Akari's magical potential.