Jasper (ジャスパーJasupaa?)
Jewel: Jasper
Species: Cheetah
Gender: Male
Jewel Power: Unknown
Attribute: Magical Red
Voiced by: KENN

Jasper is the gatekeeper of Jewel Land in Jewelpet Twinkle and Jewelpet Sunshine. He's a yellow Cheetah with brown spots. He wears a red Diamond jewel necklace and wields a giant magic key with the Jewel Land emblem on it. He first appeared in the end segment of Episodes 42 and 43, on which he narrates the end segments of the series about the Jewel Star Grand Prix. He then formally appears in Episode 50 during the Finals of the Jewel Star Grand Prix as the gatekeeper of the magic gate. In Jewelpet Sunshine, he is one of the students at Jewel Land's Sunshine Academy and has a big rivalry with Mikage and has friendy to Masago and also good friend of Opal. He also can materialize his magic key from his tail to open up a path to the Human World as well. His birthday is on February 14 and his name is based on the mineral Jasper.