Brown Quartz





Jewel Power



Magical Red

Voice Actor

Yokoromo Hatano

Brownie is the eight and final member of the Jewel Eight. He's a yellow Hedgehog with blue prickles who symbolizes imagination. He wears a purple bow tie with a brown jewel in the middle. Debuting in Episode 44 along with Alex, they caused the worse case scenario in the human world by causing the people in the conference about the meteor go into hallucinations while Alex created a meteor that would crash on Earth. They were both recovered by Rinko's group through the Jewel Games while saving the earth from the impending destruction and making the people snap out of their hallucinations. Both him and Alex are best friends and his speech ends in "Ni". He appears again in Jewelpet Twinkle along with Alex and Nix and is revealed to have a crush on both Garnet, Sapphy and Prase. His human partner is not yet named. In Jewelpet Sunshine, he appears alongside King and Alex, and he was along with Sango and Kris. His birthday is on October 23 and his name is based on the jewel Brown Quartz.

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