Djungarian Hamster



Jewel Power



Magical Blue

Voice Actor

Aoi Yuki

Amelie is the second member of the Jewel Eight and Angelina's Jewelpet partner. She's a grey and white Djungarian Hamster who symbolizes bond. She wears two green bows on her ears and wears a dark purple jewel necklace. Debuting in Episode 34, she caused all the babies to seriously ditch their parents under Dian's control. She was then reclaimed by Rinko's group again through the Jewel Games after Dian's group lost. Amelie reappears again in Jewelpet Twinkle as the Jewelpet partner of Angelina, challenging Ruby, Garnet and Sapphy into a cooking battle. Amelie is the shortest of all the Jewelpets and her personality is very nice and polite to others. She appears on Jewelpet Sunshine and she is a pirate. Her birthday is on February 9 and her name is based on the jewel Amethyst.

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